Nick Schwien

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Daily Membership Director

The Hays Daily News


Nick Schwien, managing editor of The Hays Daily News, is the Daily Membership Director for the Kansas Press Association.

Schwien has been with the HDN for 19 years.

Schwien, a graduate of Fort Hays State University, began as a sports stringer with The Hays Daily News while still in college. Following graduation, he was hired as a full-time sports reporter and later promoted to assistant sports editor.

In 2004, Schwien was named copy editor and quickly was promoted to chief copy editor.

As chief copy editor, he oversaw the daily production of the newspaper, as well as assisted with story assignments.

Schwien started the newspaper's former racing website and assisted in the founding of Sports Ink., a monthly magazine by the HDN sports team. Schwien also started the newspaper's Hays Larks website, which served as the baseball team's official website at the time.

Schwien is a member of Westview Church. He and his wife, Jessica, have two children, Brenna and Kale.