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Need to advertise? Looking to spread the word? Look no further than the Kansas Press Association — your connection to newspapers! 

We can place print and online advertising with newspapers, as well as help you extend your reach to specific targeted online audiences. We are your ONE stop shop to help you get the word out about your organization, your classified (be that employment advertisements, real estate advertisements, and more), your cause, your events and more! 

Who reads the newspaper?

  • In Kansas alone 92 percent of adults read their local newspaper.
  • Nationally, more than 104 million adults read a print newspaper every day, and more than 115 million on Sundays.  

Why advertise in newspapers?

  • Kansas newspapers are the best way to reach Kansas consumers. Nationally, almost 56 million newspapers are sold each day. In Kansas, more than 1.4 million households receive their local newspaper.
  • Nearly six out of 10 adults read a newspaper on an average weekday, and more than two-thirds of adults read a newspaper on an average Sunday.
  • Newspapers reach consumers with the most purchasing power — readers tend to have higher incomes, more education and more job responsibility.
  • Shoppers prefer newspaper advertising when making buying decisions — in Kansas 63 percent of people find newspaper advertising to be the most valuable tool when planning purchases; 65 percent say they spend more time reading newspaper ads versus ads from any other media source; and 66 percent say newspaper advertising is the easiest way to compare prices.
  • The newspaper is the media source used most commonly by consumers, particularly among home and car buyers, movie goers, credit card and financial service users and travelers.

Where can I place my advertising if I utilize the Kansas Press Association services?

  • ANYWHERE in the United States! 

What services does the Kansas Press Association offer for placement into papers?

Tailored Newspaper Advertising

We offers newspaper advertisers a convenient one-order, one-bill, one-check placement service that saves time and hassle when making multiple newspaper buys. We can place your ads in one or more of the 250 newspapers in Kansas, as well as anywhere in the United States.

Kansas Classified Advertisement Network (KCAN)

The affordable Classified Advertising Network allows you sell it, buy it, promote it, announce it, fill it, or find it using a 25 word classified advertisement. Through this newspaper network you are able to blanket the state with your classified at a low cost.

Display Advertising Network (KDAN)

The affordable Display Advertising Network offers coverage in Kansas newspapers using small-space display advertising. This program is the perfect way to blanket the state with your message at a low cost.

News Release Distribution Services

Your time is valuable, so let Kansas Press get the word out for you. We offer fax and e-mail distribution options.

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The RACE FOR SPACE program is an effort to get early political advertising commitments. The discounted packages will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.