Online Media Campus webinars

Kansas Press Association is a co-sponsor of Online Media Campus, an online training system of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and the Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

That co-sponsorship means KPA participants in the online training programs get the member rate of $35 if they sign up before the deadline.

Online Media Campus provides high-quality, low-cost online training to media professionals. More than 20 programs are offered annually on writing and editorial topics, print and online advertising sales, technology, social networking, management issues and much more.

Each program runs approximately 60 minutes and is designed to be interactive. A post-webinar follow up by presenters is included to ensure that all questions are answered. Certificate programs run longer and can be completed online over a longer time period.

These cost-effective and time-efficient webinars are designed to offer fresh ideas to improve job skills, without the need for travel and time away from the office.

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Here are scheduled offerings beginning with the next session:

• Collaborating and Competing: Newspaper Success Models

Thursday, May 23, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (CDT)

In this webinar:
You’d like to do that in-depth story but simply researching the background takes time, not to mention the interviewing and writing involved as well. Between the daily grind of a newsroom, how do you do it?

This session will show how you CAN accomplish special projects without sacrificing quality of work. The idea of collaborating with other newsrooms may have sent up red flags in the past but it doesn’t have to mean the loss of competitive edge for your organization. Several media companies are experiencing growing success with this new model of business.

This session will illustrate ways newspapers can collaborate while still maintaining originality. Examples will come from newspapers that have found success in this model and local and national news organizations, including the Investigative News Network.

Meet the trainer: Lyle Muller is the executivedirector-editor of the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism. He is a former editor of The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa). He was a senior editor on the team that directed coverage of an Iowa flooding disaster, which won The Gazette the Society of Professional Journalists’ national Sigma Delta Chi award for deadline reporting in 2008. A 1992 Council for the Advancement of Science Writing national fellow, his focus as a reporter was on health, science and higher education.

Registration deadline: Monday, May 20     Registration fee: $35

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• Certificate Program: Print & Digital

Session dates: June 6, June 20 and July 11

Course price: $79

Online format allows you to train in the comfort of yoiur home or office!

Over the years, “Direct Response” PRINT and Digital Advertising has consistently shown its ability to generate significantly larger numbers of leads and sales than does traditional image or product and price advertising. In this three-session Advertising Certificate Program, webinar attendees will learn, step-by-step, how to create “direct response” ads from ad master, David Fowler. You’ll be exposed to advertising strategies that will truly make a quick difference in the quality and lead-generating power of your ads. A certificate will be awarded to those who successfully apply both the print and digital ad strategies and can show measurably increased response rates from their ads.

Meet the Trainer —David Fowler is considered one of the nation’s top experts on newspaper and online advertising strategy, copy and design. He has spent more than 25 years “testing” ad strategies and variables to learn which “response triggers” make ads effective.

Fowler has won numerous ad awards and judged some of the nation’s top ad award shows ... but will be the first to tell you winning awards has little to do with effective ad strategies that make businesses more money.

Session 1
• How to gain productivity by prioritizing advertisers.
• The REAL purpose of a print ad ... and no, it’s not what you think!
• How to perform a “Print Ad
Critique” to instantly improve ads.
• How to identify your advertisers REAL ad needs.

Session 2
• How digital ads work to grow a business.
• What a digital ad REALLY is and its singular purpose.
• How to perform a “Digital Ad Critique” that will instantly improve your ads.
• How to make money sending emails for your advertisers.

Session 3
• Why you need to use your own advertiser “database” if you’re going to survive.
• How to increase revenues using emails every week.
• How to host a “Public Workshop” for your advertisers.
• Techniques for making public workshop presentations.

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• Top Stratgies and Tactics for Sales Success

Thursday, June 27, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (CDT)

What sales strategies are you going to maximize in 2013 so it’s your best year ever? The old way of selling has changed, but prospecting for new business continues to be the foundation of all successful salespeople and organizations.

During this power-packed webinar, Steve Kloyda will share his top strategies and tactics that have proven successful for more than 1,000,000 (yes that’s one MILLION!) prospecting and sales calls. In this webinar, you will learn...
• Why prospecting is and always will be, the foundation of success in sales.
• The most efficient communication tools to enhance your prospecting efforts.
• The single best “Phone Approach” that will separate you from your competition.
• How to get out of … and stay out of “voice mail hell.”
• Why you should never try to overcome objections.
• The single best closing techniques to set more appointments and drive more sales.

Meet Your Trainer: For more than 30 years, Steve Kloyda has been creating unique selling experiences that transform the lives of salespeople, prospects and customers. As founder of The Prospecting Expert, Kloyda helps his clients attract more prospects, retain more customers and drive more sales.

With the Internet now a driving force, Kloyda has integrated today’s technologies into his comprehensive sales and prospecting system, enabling his clients to better formulate and communicate their unique message to target audiences. Kloyda’s motivation, insights and down-to-earth strategies provide a powerful learning experience for anyone wanting to transform their sales and dramatically grow their business. His mission is to lead, teach and inspire salespeople to apply timeless principles which produce life-changing results.

Registration deadline: Monday, June 24
(Registrations submitted after this date are subject to a $10 late fee)

Registration fee: $35
Group discounts are available. Visit our website for more information.

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