KPA Staff and Consultants

The staff and consultants at KPA are here to serve you.

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Emily Bradbury

Executive Director   -- Email

Emily Bradbury was named KPA’s executive director effective July 30, 2018.

She grew up in Haysville, a suburb of Wichita. She graduated from Washburn University in 2000 with a B.A. degree in History. 

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Judy Beach

Accountant -- Email

Judy Beach is the accountant for the Kansas Press Association.

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Amber Jackson

Advertising Director -- Email

Amber Jackson is the advertising director for the Kansas Press Association.

Jackson was born in California but was raised on a farm near Augusta.

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Lori Jackson

Advertising Administrative Assistant -- Email

Lori Jackson, advertising administrative assistant, joined the Kansas Press Association in September 2010. She has worked as an Administrative Assistant for the past 12 years in healthcare and government contracting.

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Doug Anstaett

Consultant and Lobbyist -- Email

Doug Anstaett now serves in a part-time capacity as consultant and legislative lobbyist for the Kansas Press Association. He served as executive director from 2004 until July 2018.

He is a native Kansan. He grew up in Lyndon, 30 miles south of Topeka, and graduated from Kansas State University in 1973 with a B.S. degree in Journalism and Mass Communications.

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Peter Cook

KPA Advertising Sales Consultant -- Email

Following a long and successful career in the newspaper business, Peter Cook has joined the Kansas Press Association as an advertising sales consultant. He is available to provide in-house consultation to newspaper ad staff members and will be joining the KPA staff at regional meetings as well.

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Max Kautsch

Legal Hotline Attorney — Email

Max is a media attorney in private practice. He works in Lawrence and serves as the attorney for KPA’s Legal Hotline. Initial telephone inquiries on matters involving libel, public notice, open records and open meetings are free to KPA member newspapers.

He also can be reached by mobile phone at (785) 393-5520.

To read his First Amendment blog,...

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Mike Kautsch

Media Law Consultant -- Email

Mike Kautsch (at left) is called on to help KPA with media law issues. He provided game-changing assistance to KPA to get the shield law passed in 2010.