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August 2015

KORA-KOMA training session set in Topeka Sept. 1

August 27, 2015

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office and the Sunshine Coalition for Open Government will offer a free training session on Kansas open records and open meetings laws in Topeka next month, Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced last week.

KU, student, teacher with Koch ties reach settlement

August 27, 2015

Instead of going to trial, the case of Kansas University School of Business teacher Art Hall v. KU is being settled out of court.

Newspapers are leveraging technology, audience data

August 25, 2015

Four years ago, most of us wouldn't have predicted award-winning TV series would debut via online streaming on websites such as Netflix and Hulu and would never be aired on cable or network television. Just four years ago, it seemed unlikely that people would prefer online music streaming and radio apps over CDs and iPods, let alone be willing to pay for it. And four years ago, most of us wouldn't have imagined we would get our news updates on our watches.

Junction City announces return to daily publication

August 24, 2015

As famous American writer and satirist Mark Twain once exclaimed, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

While the supposed demise of the printed version of newspapers has been around for several years, the Junction City Daily Union is proving that axiom is not necessarily always true.

Deadline soon for KPA district meeting in Iola

August 24, 2015

The deadline for the first of five Kansas Press Association district meetings is noon Tuesday (Aug. 25).

Are 'tethered drones' the answer?

August 21, 2015

Most of the fascination with civilian drones has focused on those that engage in free flight, orbiting or hovering over news according to commands given by their drone operators (“DROPs”), aided by onboard autonomous navigation systems.

Former Star editorial writer dead at 88

August 17, 2015

Robert “Bob” Parker Sigman, 88, passed away peacefully on Aug. 11, 2015, in Olathe shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

Let's spruce up those public notices

August 17, 2015

Ed Henninger has some advice on what to do to keep public notices in newspapers.

Henninger presented to the attendees at the 2015 KPA Convention in Junction City on newspaper design and received such rave reviews that he has been asked back to present at the 2016 KPA Convention in Overland Park.

July 2015

Newsroom jobs drop by more than 10.4 percent

July 29, 2015

Cigar maker. Elevator operator. Pinsetter. Iceman. Lamplighter. Switchboard operator.

Local daily newspaper reporter?

How soon will we have to add this once-stable occupation to the list of jobs that once were?

Attempted burglary at KPA damages building

July 16, 2015

Some time during the early hours on Monday, a person or persons tried to break into the Kansas Press Association office in Topeka.