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July 2014

Open government advocate Randy Brown dies

July 24, 2014

Randy Brown, executive director of the Sunshine Coalition since 2005, died Wednesday in Wichita.

Brown, a founding board member and two-time past president of the coalition, was until 2013 a senior fellow and faculty member in the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University. He had been on the faculty since 2001.

Vietnam project: We're now at 29 photos collected

July 16, 2014

The effort to help collect a photo of every soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War has led to 29 pictures collected out of 265 sought.

Seigenthaler chose to raise hell on First Amendment

July 14, 2014

A lead pipe to the head will get your attention.

One day in 1961, Justice Department aide John Seigenthaler was brutally attacked with a pipe by Ku Klux Klansmen as he rushed to protect Freedom Riders arriving in Montgomery, Ala. The Klansmen left John in the street to die.

But John survived, going on to a rich career as a journalist and a passionate First Amendment advocate who would laugh about how Attorney General Bobby Kennedy thanked him for “using his head.” John died at 86 Friday morning in Nashville.

Probable cause affidavits change now in effect

July 3, 2014

Effective July 1, the law on probable cause affidavits for arrest warrants and search warrants has changed.

This change follows several years of effort by the Kansas Press Association and media organizations. For more than 30 years, those records have been presumed closed and could only be opened by an order of the court.

USPS announces mail distribution consolidation plan

July 2, 2014

 The National Newspaper Association strongly objected this week to the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement that it would close or consolidate more than 80 mail processing facilities after January and lower service standards for Periodicals and First-Class mail.

June 2014

It's a whole new ballgame out there

June 16, 2014

“The problem we’re trying to solve is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there’s fifty feet of crap, and then there’s us. It’s an unfair game. And now we’ve been gutted. We’re like organ donors for the rich. Boston’s taken our kidneys, Yankees have taken our heart. And you guys just sit around talking the same old “good body” nonsense like we’re selling jeans. Like we’re looking for Fabio. We’ve got to think differently. We are the last dog at the bowl. You see what happens to the runt of the litter? He dies.” 

Krier retires; names new publisher

June 12, 2014

Frank Mercer is the new publisher of Main Street Media's Kansas and Nebraska newspapers, effective June 1.

He succeeds Jack Krier, who retired. Mercer and Krier have been partners in the newspaper business since 1995.

KPA schedules Viers to lead 'Technology Academy'

June 11, 2014

Because of popular demand, Russell Viers has been scheduled to lead a two-day seminar in July that will instruct participants on how to use Adobe Creative Suite products to their fullest.

The "Technology Academy" is scheduled for July 17 and 18 in Topeka and is partially underwritten by a grant from the Kansas Newspaper Foundation.

Vietnam project: We're up to 12 photos collected

June 10, 2014

Slowly, an effort to help collect a photo of every soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War is gaining steam.

Kansan first allied journalist wounded on D-Day

June 6, 2014

By Dave Bergmeier
The architect of the most extraordinary invasion -- D-Day -- was Five Star Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a man from humble beginnings in Abilene, Kan., and it carried another significant historical thread.

Among the relationships he later nurtured with a young journalist, Henry P. "Hank" Jameson, who spent about 12 years with The Associated Press. Jameson was the first Allied correspondent to be wounded in the D-Day invasion of France on June 6, 1944. He had worked for the AP in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Mo., St. Louis, Chicago, New  York, Washington and overseas as a World War II correspondent.