About Us

Kansas Press Association was organized in 1863 to serve, improve and promote the newspaper industry, and to protect the rights of a free press.

Today, KPA continues its efforts by providing newspapers with marketing and educational services, legal and technology hotlines, legislative representation and a forum for the exchange of ideas.

The association hosts conventions, conferences and seminars for the newspaper industry, and serves as a central source of industry information.

KPA represents more than 225 newspapers throughout the state, including 28 dailies, 168 non-dailies, 26 college and high school newspapers and seven Spanish language newspapers.

Our Mission

The newspapers of Kansas unite in Kansas Press Association to preserve and expand a free flow of information to the public; to seek excellence in the practice of the profession of journalism; to serve as a forum for the exchange and presentation of technical and business information; to encourage a flow of career opportunities in all phases of the profession and industry; and to create a community dedicated to the proposition that strong, unfettered newspapers are the cornerstones of a democratic society.

Governing Documents

The Kansas Press Association is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws, which were revised at the annual meeting in February 2018. Click here to download the association's Constitution and Bylaws.

Organizational Chart

Click here to take a look at the KPA's Organizational Chart effective July 30, 2018.

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