Spelling Bee Coordinators

Below is a list of the confirmed coordinators for each county. Click a county name for the full information.

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Coordinator: Kate Wary
Email: kmw@bauerpikelaw.com
Phone: 6207937279

Coordinator: Trisha Walls
Email: twalls@butlercc.edu
Phone: 316-218-6355

Coordinator: Darla Raile
Email: draile@usd297.org
Phone: 785-332-8136

Coordinator: Chris Watkins, Sr Accting Specialist
Email: cwatkins@ljworld.com
Phone: 785-274-4493

Coordinator: Monica Diaz
Email: mdiaz@gckschools.com
Phone: 620-805-7186

Coordinator: Cynthia Sanders
Email: csanders@usd504.org
Phone: 6204234210

Coordinator: Rachel Hodges
Email: rhodges@cgrove417.org
Phone: 6207676851

Coordinator: St. Marys Chamber of Commerce
Email: saintmaryschamber@gmail.com
Phone: 785-437-2077

Coordinator: Mica Johnson
Email: mjohnson@usd105.org
Phone: 785-626-3217

Coordinator: Mike Garretson
Email: mgarretson@usd306.com
Phone: 7855773424

Coordinator: Kathy Baird
Email: kathy.baird@usd314.com
Phone: 785-694-2236