Charlie Riedel

Charlie Riedel has been a photojournalist in Kansas for more than 40 years, with his first photos published in his high school newspaper. Riedel has a degree in communications from Fort Hays State University where he worked on school publications. After graduating, Riedel worked briefly at the Salina Journal before returning to his hometown to spend the next 17 years as photo editor at the Hays Daily News. At Hays, Riedel won numerous regional and national awards with his work documenting small town life.

In 2000, Riedel joined the Associated Press as a staff photographer. Based in Kansas City, Riedel primarily covers news and sporting events in Kansas and Missouri. He has also covered national stories for the AP including hurricanes, floods, presidential elections, wildfires, post 9/11 cleanup at the World Trade Center, protests in Ferguson, Mo. and the Gulf oil spill.

Riedel has covered numerous national and international sporting events, having photographed seven Olympic games. He regularly covers Super Bowls, Masters golf tournaments, Kentucky Derbys, spring training baseball and MLB play off  and World Series games as well as many other events.