Little, O.W.

O.L. "Ol" Little was one of the most widely known editors of Kansas over a 50-year period. He bought an interest in the Alma Enterprise in 1891 and served as editor and co-publisher of the paper for nearly 50 years.

In 1923, Little became the first full-time executive secretary of the Kansas Press Association. His most enthusiastic backer in the position was John C. Mack, and the two 'spent weeks of their time driving across the state soliciting new members for the Association, collecting delinquent dues from old ones, and generally making friends of everyone.'

Little was also the original editor of the Jayhawker Press, the monthly publication of the Kansas Press Association. As Little struggled to launch the Jayhawker, he was able to rely on the support of Mack, who believed so deeply in the usefulness of the new magazine that he offered to stand the cost of printing it himself if necessary.

Little died July 24, 1949, at age 82.