Miller, Solomon

According to the September, 1931, issue of the Jayhawker, Solomon Miller was “the most fearless, the most untiring, the most outspoken and the most original editor Kansas ever had.

“He printed things in his White Cloud, afterward Kansas Chief, that no other man in Kansas or the United States would have dared to print, even in those days when the manners and morals of newspapers are not what they are now.”

According to the Jayhawker, “He was not an orator, and could hardly stand upon his feet and make a talk of a dozen words. But he could and always did have a “comeback.”“

Once, when Miller was in the state legislature, he suffered a brutal verbal attack from an attorney in the senate. Unable to match his rival’s skills as an orator, Miller sat through the assault with apparent indifference.

The next Saturday morning there lay on the desk of every legislator a copy of the Chief, its first page ‘devoted to a skinning of the stateman such as Kansans had never read before. So complete and paralyzing was it that the lawyer never afterward alluded to the tilt.”