Spelling Bee Coordinators

Below is a list of the confirmed coordinators for each county. Click a county name for the full information.

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Coordinator: Brad Crusinbery
Email: brad.crusinbery@usd257.org
Phone: 6203654785

Coordinator: Daniel Ackland
Email: DAckland@usd365.org
Phone: 785-448-3177

Coordinator: Lori Leonardi
Email: lleonardi@trinityatchison.org
Phone: 9133674763

Coordinator: Ryan Cunningham
Email: rcunningham@usd254.org
Phone: 6208865608

Coordinator: Jay Luerman
Email: jluerman@firstkansasbank.com
Phone: 6207937005

Coordinator: Marla Hayden
Email: haydenm@usd430.org
Phone: 486-2151

Coordinator: Trisha Walls
Email: twalls@butlercc.edu
Phone: 316-323-6355

Coordinator: Brooklyn Hilton
Email: hiltonb@usd286.org
Phone: 620-725-3187

Coordinator: Paula Rice
Email: price@usd220.net
Phone: 620-635-2220

Coordinator: Stefanie Lane
Email: stefanielane@usd379.org
Phone: 785-632-2125

Coordinator: Scoti Williams
Email: swilliams@usd245ks.org
Phone: 6209642217

Coordinator: Marcia McIntire
Email: marcia_mcintire@usd465.com
Phone: 6202215150

Coordinator: Rebecca Oplotnik
Email: boplotnik@girard248.org
Phone: 620-724-4327

Coordinator: Jeremy Holloway
Email: jholloway@usd294.org
Phone: 1-785-475-2231

Coordinator: Amber Fouard
Email: afouard@usd393.net
Phone: 785-655-2551

Coordinator: Trish Gibson
Email: tgibson@usd111.org
Phone: 785-359-6526

Coordinator: Chris Watkins, Sr Accting Specialist
Email: cwatkins@ljworld.com
Phone: 785-274-4493

Coordinator: Lori Amaro
Email: lamaro@usd347.org
Phone: 620-420-2121

Coordinator: Tara Marshall
Email: tsmarshall@fhsu.edu
Phone: 785.628.4450

Coordinator: Kristy Rodriguez
Email: krodriguez@usd327.org
Phone: 785.472.4477

Coordinator: Matthew Horney
Email: mhorney@gckschools.com
Phone: 6208057705

Coordinator: Cassie Courter
Email: ccourter@usd289.org
Phone: 785-883-2996

Coordinator: Kevin Self
Email: kself@usd214.org
Phone: 620-356-3025

Coordinator: Michaela Strecker
Email: mstrecker@ingallsusd477.com
Phone: 6208855341

Coordinator: John Niehues
Email: johnniehues@tribuneschools.org
Phone: 620-376-4211

Coordinator: Sarah Lawrence
Email: slawrence@eurekausd389.net
Phone: 9132974133

Coordinator: Laura Woods
Email: lwoods@usd494.net
Phone: 620-384-5203

Coordinator: Hannah Alldritt
Email: hannaha@usd361.org
Phone: 620 4910009

Coordinator: Greg Robinson
Email: robinsong@usd369.org
Phone: 620-463-3860

Coordinator: Eryn Stokes
Email: estokes@usd374.org
Phone: 6205109929

Coordinator: Debra Webb
Email: dwebb@usd227.org
Phone: 620-357-8395

Coordinator: Curtis Becker
Email: c.becker@holtonks.net
Phone: 785-364-2441

Coordinator: Brenna Dooley
Email: brenna.dooley@usd340.org
Phone: 7854842900

Coordinator: Jennifer Walker
Email: jwalker@usd107.org
Phone: 785-378-3126

Coordinator: Dr. Erin Smith
Email: smithe@usd230.org
Phone: 913-592-7214

Coordinator: Marilyn Danler
Email: marilyn.danler@usd216.org
Phone: 6204268401

Coordinator: Bill Kelley
Email: bkelley@knusd331.com
Phone: 6205323186

Coordinator: Katie-Lee Harrison
Email: kharrison@usd474.org
Phone: 6208625256

Coordinator: Cynthia Sanders
Email: csanders@usd504.org
Phone: 6204234210

Coordinator: Luke Shandy
Email: lshandy@usd468.org
Phone: 620-398-2248

Coordinator: Denise LaRosh
Email: larosh74@gmail.com
Phone: 7853939570

Coordinator: Nikki Flinn
Email: flinn.nikki@usd298.com
Phone: 785-5244193

Coordinator: Dee Siruta
Email: dsiruta@oakleyschoolsks.com
Phone: 785-671-3820

Coordinator: Madison Dragonas
Email: madison.dragonas@usd253.net
Phone: 620-431-2335

Coordinator: Lawrence Mounkes
Email: lawrence.mounkes@usd253.net
Phone: 620-341-2335

Coordinator: Haley Hall
Email: hhall@usd398.com
Phone: 6209832198

Coordinator: Tyler Flavin
Email: flavint@usd226.org
Phone: 620-873-2671

Coordinator: Leigh Vosseler
Email: vosselerl@usd416.org
Phone: 913-837-1800

Coordinator: Jennifer Brummer
Email: tcsjenny@wtciweb.com
Phone: 785-373-5355

Coordinator: Andy Taylor
Email: chronicle@taylornews.org
Phone: 620-331-5040, ext 2

Coordinator: Rachel Hodges
Email: rhodges@cgrove417.org
Phone: 620-767-6851

Coordinator: Becky Sohm
Email: bsohm@usd217.org
Phone: 620-593-4345

Coordinator: Mary Jane Fleming
Email: 711mjfleming@gmail.com
Phone: 785-336-1739

Coordinator: Mary Durand
Email: mdurand@stpatrickchanute.org
Phone: 620-431-4020

Coordinator: Derek Reinhardt
Email: derek.reinhardt@usd303.org
Phone: 785 798-2222

Coordinator: Amie Burge
Email: aburge@usd211.org
Phone: 785-877-5851

Coordinator: Heather Green
Email: greenh@usd421.org
Phone: 7852192455

Coordinator: Bobbi Schurr
Email: bschurr@usd392.com
Phone: 785-346-5491

Coordinator: Terry Moeckel
Email: tmoeckel@usd239.org
Phone: 7853922113

Coordinator: Julie Strasburg
Email: julie.strasburg@usd495.com
Phone: 620 285-8430

Coordinator: Nathan Strasburg
Email: nstrasburg@usd325.com
Phone: 785-543-5114

Coordinator: Krista Morris
Email: morrisk@usd320.com
Phone: 7854567682

Coordinator: Marcia Stahl
Email: rstahl@havilandtelco.com
Phone: 620 770 0333

Coordinator: Victoria Rall
Email: vrall@usd105.org
Phone: 7856263217

Coordinator: Ashley Franklin
Email: afranklin@usd309ks.org
Phone: 620-665-8441

Coordinator: Katie Brzon
Email: katie.brzon@pikevalley.org
Phone: 7853352294

Coordinator: Gene Short
Email: gshort@usd401.com
Phone: 620-938-2996

Coordinator: Manhattan Mercury
Email: nseaton@themercury.com
Phone: 785-776-2200

Coordinator: Erica Dryden
Email: edryden@usd271.com
Phone: 785-425-6120

Coordinator: Sabrina Hedding
Email: shedding@usd395.org
Phone: 7852222528

Coordinator: Joan Rourke
Email: jrourke@usd407.org
Phone: 785-483-3174

Coordinator: Mike Garretson
Email: mgarretson@usd306.org
Phone: 7855773424

Coordinator: Rod Haxton
Email: editor@screcord.com
Phone: 620-872-2090

Coordinator: John Hammans
Phone: 3162097588

Coordinator: Robin Dixon
Email: rdixon@tps501.org
Phone: 7858061623

Coordinator: Kendra Amos
Email: kamos@hoxie.org
Phone: 7856753254

Coordinator: Melissa Johnson
Email: melissa.johnson@usd352.org
Phone: 7854620319

Coordinator: Crystal Ifland
Email: cifland@usd237.com
Phone: 7852825354

Coordinator: Joyce Miller
Email: millerjlx2@gmail.com
Phone: 620-546-4923

Coordinator: Annie Phillips
Email: annie.phillips@usd452.org
Phone: 620-492-6212

Coordinator: Sonja Watkins
Email: sonja.watkins@usd210.org
Phone: 620-544-4376

Coordinator: Cynthia Tracy
Email: ctracy@usd353.com
Phone: 6204402314

Coordinator: Kathy Baird
Email: kathy.baird@usd314.com
Phone: 785-694-2236

Coordinator: Amy Johnston
Email: ajohnston@mv330.org
Phone: 8665576686

Coordinator: Jamie Hawkins
Email: jhawkins@usd241.org
Phone: 7858524240

Coordinator: Brant Douglas
Email: brant.douglas@leoti.org
Phone: 620-375-2314

Coordinator: Megan Bohannon
Email: mbohannon@usd461.org
Phone: 620-325-3015 ext 1144

Coordinator: Carol Stuber
Email: cstuber@usd366.net
Phone: 620-625-8860

Coordinator: Tracy Cooper
Email: tracy.cooper@kckps.org
Phone: 913-627-2624