Kansas Newspaper Foundation

The Kansas Newspaper Foundation was established in 1982 as the 501(c)(3) arm of the Kansas Press Association, and it serves to receive charitable contributions to advance the educational and benevolent activities of the association and other programs identified by donors. The foundation strives to develop new resources to fund programs that will benefit KPA members and ensure a strong future for the Kansas newspaper industry.

The mission of KNF is “to preserve the legacy, and to ensure and advance the prominence of newspapers and the communities they faithfully serve.”

What is the asset value of the Kansas Newspaper Foundation?

$961,211 as of Dec. 31, 2022. Individual funds are listed below.

Who are current members of the KNF Board of Trustees?

Patrick Lowry, a past president of KPA and former publisher of the Hays Daily News, is the current president of the KNF Board of Trustees. 

Board members are appointed to two-year terms, most often from the ranks of past presidents of the Kansas Press Association.

They include:

CLASS of 2024

Susan Lynn, Publisher, Iola Register, P.O. Box 767, Iola, KS 66749-0767
Dena Sattler, formerly of the Garden City Telegram, 3550 S.E. Shoreline Rd, Topeka, KS 66605
Joey Young, majority owner of Kansas Publishing Ventures, 706 N. Main,
Newton, KS 67114

Doug Anstaett, former KPA executive director and current consultant, 3515 S.W. Stonybrook Dr., Topeka, KS 66614

Ken Knepper, former publisher of the Newton Kansan, 917 W. 17th, North Newton, KS 67114

CLASS of 2023

Sarah Kessinger, Marysville Advocate, 107 S. 9th St., Marysville, KS 66508
Murrel Bland, formerly of Wyandotte West, P.O. Box 12832, Kansas City, KS 66114
Jeanny Sharp, formerly of Ottawa Herald and Hutchinson News, 3311 S.W. Jardine Ct, Topeka, KS 66611

CLASS of 2022

Dan Thalmann, publisher, Washington County News, 323 C. Street, Washington, KS 66968
Linda Denning, former publisher of Ellsworth County Independent-Reporter, 701 Blake St., Ellsworth, KS 67439
Ben Marshall, formerly of Sterling Bulletin, P.O. Box 97, Sterling, KS 67579
Caroline Trowbridge, Retired, P.O. Box 888, Lawrence, KS 66044
Patrick Lowry, formerly of Hays Daily News, 314 Stoneridge Ct., Lawrence, KS 66044
EX-OFFICIO (non-voting member)
KPA Executive Director – Emily Bradbury, Secretary-Treasurer, 312 Pendleton Ct., Wellsville, KS 66092

Why are donations important to the Kansas Newspaper Foundation?

Membership dues and advertising placement fees fund the bulk of KPA operations. However, dues and fees must be reasonable and affordable, and advertising revenues have been declining for the past several years reflecting changes in the newspaper industry. Therefore, donations allow for not only the opportunity to create a stronger financial footing, but also to allow those most committed to print journalism and media to help current and future generations. Donations are important because they reaffirm the importance of newspapers and strengthen programs that strengthen Kansas newspapers.

Donate to the Kansas Newspaper Foundation here.

What are the priorities of the Kansas Newspaper Foundation?

A) Endowed Support for Educational Workshops and Training

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Management Tune-ups
  • Community Newspaper Tune-ups
  • Support of Annual Convention and Regional Meetings
  • Circulation and Advertising Training Opportunities

The Kansas Press Association's workshops and training activities focus on the needs, future and philosophy of community newspapers. Community newspapers serve as the cornerstone upon which local business, government, schools and social life are built.

B) Endowed Support to Promote, Protect and Advocate Open Government and Foster Public Understanding of a Free and Independent Press

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Freedom of Information Projects
  • Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government
  • KPA Legal Hotline
  • Matching Fund Support for the William Allen White Film Project

At the heart of community newspapers is the free flow of information to the public. No other entity serves this purpose more profoundly than community newspapers. A community newspaper brings together business, government, education and society like no other form of mass communication. Our form of government, free enterprise and civil liberties is built on the foundation of a free and independent press.

C) Endowed Support of Educational Programs to Encourage and Support Future Journalists and Newspaper Readers

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Newspaper in Education Program
  • Youth Literacy Efforts
  • Student Internships and Scholarships

Community newspapers require a person of special character to own, operate and foster the importance and life of community newspapers in young people. This has been a fundamental philosophy of KPA since 1863.

Gifts made to this institution help maintain KPA as a forum for the exchange and presentation of technical and business information and the encouragement of career opportunities in all phases of the profession and industry.

D) The KNF General Endowment Fund

Anyone not wishing to have gifts restricted to the first three campaign initiatives may place gifts into this general fund. If the amount is $10,000 or more, the donor may establish a named endowed fund, but keep its annual payout unrestricted. Individuals may also make cash in-cash out donations if they desire.

What are Named Endowed Funds?

Named endowed funds are funds that carry the name of a specific donor, friend or family member. When a donor makes a gift of at least $10,000 to the Kansas Newspaper Foundation, he or she may be eligible to place a name on a fund and give general direction to where the investment earnings will be directed within the organization.

Named endowed funds currently being managed for KNF include (figured are rounded):

  • The KPA’s Fund for Excellence, underwritten by a gift of $250,000 to the KNF from the Kansas Press Association between 2004 and 2008. Value on Dec. 31, 2022 was $371,574.
  • The Ruth Garvey Fink Bill of Rights Endowment Fund, funded by a gift of $100,000 from the late Ruth Garvey Fink. Value on Dec. 31, 2022 was $157,185.
  • The Montgomery Family Fund, underwritten by a $50,000 gift from the Montgomery newspaper family in Kansas. Value on Dec. 31, 2022 was $48,735.
  • The Douglas J. and Lucinda A. Anstaett Scholarship Fund, underwritten by a $20,000 gift from the Anstaetts and providing $1,500 in annual scholarships to journalism students at Kansas State University. Value on Dec. 31, 2022 was $24,750.
  • The Meyer Family Fund, underwritten by donations totaling $10,000 from the late Bill Meyer and his wife, Joan, and supplemented by memorials given at the time of his death. Value on Dec. 31, 2022 was $29,192.

The value of the Unrestricted Fund in KNF on Dec. 31, 2022 was $329,774.

Total value of all KNF funds on Dec. 31, 2022 was $961,211.

How Does the Endowment Work?

Donations are placed in the endowment fund, presently managed by BOK Financial of Topeka (formerly GTrust). The endowment fund is in an investment pool that is invested in equities and fixed-income assets. Each year, based on growth and income, a percentage of the value of the fund or the proceeds above the original corpus may be paid out to fund specific projects either directed by the donor or by the Kansas Newspaper Foundation Board of Trustees. The goal is to continually grow the fund at the same time disbursements from the fund are being made. As long as prudent investment decisions are made, the endowed fund should grow, and the annual payouts should increase in value as well.

Who Controls and Manages the Funds?

KNF trustees are responsible for overseeing and managing endowed funds through BOK Financial. The trustees are responsible for establishing investment policies, payout policies, annual reports and evaluating portfolio managers. BOK Financial officials then carry out those wishes, occasionally recommending adjustments as market conditions change.

Ways to Make a Gift

The Kansas Newspaper Foundation (KNF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the IRS code. As such, the foundation accepts a variety of gifts that are tax-deductible as allowed by law, including:

  • Gifts of Cash— outright or pledged over a period of five years or some other number of years at the discretion of the donor.
  • Gifts of Securities— including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and IRAs.
  • Gifts of Personal Property— i.e., coin collections, antique cars, artwork, etc.
  • Gifts of Real Property — including real estate, homes, business property, farmland and pastures, and newsapapers, for example. KNF reserves the right to liquidate at any time.
  • Gifts of Trusts— including charitable remainder trusts, unitrusts, lead trusts, family trusts, annuity trusts, etc.
  • Gifts of Insurance— KNF must be both the owner and beneficiary for donor to receive a charitable deduction.
  • Gifts of Bequests— i.e., gifts received at death directed by a will or living trust.

Any one of these gifts, or a combination of these types of gifts, may be used to create a current or deferred gift to the campaign. A current gift is a gift to be received during the five-year pledge window of the campaign. A deferred gift (also called an estate gift, planned gift or ultimate gift) is a gift that will not likely be realized during the five-year window.

We encourage you to discuss these various giving methods with your accountant, financial adviser and/or attorney and select the most effective way for you to make a gift to the foundation.

To make a gift to the Kansas Newspaper Foundation or for more information, contact:

Emily Bradbury, Executive Director
Kansas Press Association and Kansas Newspaper Foundation

4021 SW 10th St, #351, Topeka, KS 66604 (785) 271-5304