Quarter-page network: We need your feedback

Posted October 14, 2012

The Kansas Press Association is seeking feedback on an idea for a new quarter-page network to meet a growing need for larger ads at reduced rates.

Sara Marstall, advertising director for KPA, is spearheading the effort after discovering almost universal success among other press associations that have begun the program.

“We’re always looking for more ways to get our clients to run more and bigger ads,” she said. “Although we prefer, as our newspapers do, advertising placements at full rate, the reality is that we have to be competitive. Right now, a number of our clients are looking for more bang for their buck. This is one way to accomplish that.”

The quarter page network will be designed around those who choose to participate. Participants will probably be required to offer rates that are approximately 50 percent off the usual display advertising rate charged by KPA.

If one of the network participants sells an ad, that newspaper will earn a commission on the overall sale.

“What we want right now is feedback from newspapers about whether this would be something they could embrace,” Marstall said. “How can we design it to the best advantage of both our newspapers and our potential clients?”

Marstall will collect information over the next several days. Email her at smarstall@ kspress.com with your feedback.

Details will be announced when a consensus is reached on the rate to charge, who will participate and the maximum number of ads accepted per week.