NNA's postal fights need your continued support

Posted December 6, 2012

The National Newspaper Association is fighting for community newspapers in postal battles that span many fronts.

For instance, the Valassis postal discount is targeted at pulling advertising inserts out of newspapers. This is not just a new salvo from direct mail competitors. is about a federal power being used to weaken newspapers.

But to many in Washington, this is simply another skirmish over the embattled U.S. Postal Service. Neither postal regulators nor many in Congress really understand what this attack is about.

NNA has work to do and its resources are tight. Members have to invest to win this battle. This is a critical time for the future of the U.S. Postal Service. Much is at stake. 

Fortunately, this is where NNA is at its best. Always on a shoestring budget, NNA does a lot with a little. It uses community newspaper executives as our Congressional Action Team. Local people talk to local people at home and in Washington about important national issues.

Here is what NNA is doing about Valassis:

•    NNA is suing the Postal Regulatory Commission in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

•    NNA is taking its case to Congress, adding this concern to the existing list of postal reform legislative requests. Several of our solutions are already written into legislative bills. We hope the lame duck Congress will again hear our concerns.

•    NNA is inviting publishers to come to Washington March 14, 2013, for the "We Believe in Newspapers" Leadership Conference, and a Day on Capitol Hill to fight back.\

These continuing battles have drained NNA's budget for essential postal watchdog efforts. The association needs your help.

Consider a special gift before year's end, dedicated to the NNA's postal battles on behalf of the newspaper industry. And mark your calendar now to join your peers March 14 in Washington for the We Believe Conference. If you make a gift of more than $100 to the postal fund, the first $50 will be dedicated to your registration. To donate, please click here.