Have you filled out your network sign-up form?

Posted December 21, 2012

Have you registered your participation in the new Kansas Press Association new Quarter-Page Network and the other KPA networks?

KPA has designed this program to be attractive to state government agencies and other potential new advertisers. As you know, everyone is looking for a break on rates these days; just take a look at how retailers go about growing sales during the holiday season.

The payback to newspapers participating in the new Kansas Quarter-Page Ad Network will be significantly higher than for the existing Kansas Display Ad and Kansas Classified Ad networks, KPA Ad Director Sara Marstall points out.

Newspapers that participate in the Quarter-Page Network will receive 50 percent of the usual rate they allow KPA to charge clients.

"Our goal with the network is to put more dollars into the pockets of our member newspapers that participate,” Marstall said. “While we want advertisers to buy the entire quarter-page network, we know that’s unrealistic for some of them. So we’ll be able to create regional and custom buys for those advertisers that wish to target their message to a significant number of newspapers.”

Marstall said KPA has set the minimum number of newspapers in the custom buys at 12 newspapers.

She said sign-up for the Quarter-Page Network will continue through the end of the year. Don’t put this off, however, because we’re already discussing sales with potential clients.

If you’re interested, please fill out the network sign-up form and return it by e-mail to smarstall@kspress.com or by fax to (785) 271-7341.

You may also use the same form to renew or sign up for the Kansas Display Ad Network, the Kansas Classified Display Ad Network and the Kansas Online Ad Network.