Public notice bill hearing cancelled

Posted March 1, 2019

The bill designed to allow cities, counties, school districts and other agencies to opt for Internet rather than newspaper publication of notices did not receive a hearing and is likely off the table for this legislative session. 

House Bill 2237 had been set for a hearing on Monday, but the chairman, Rep. Kent Thompson, R-Iola, decided late last week not to hear the bill at the request of the Kansas Press Association.

Although no legislation is ever really dead while the Legislature is still in session because it can be amended into another bill at any time, the likelihood of that is limited, at least for this year, said Doug Anstaett, KPA consultant and lobbyist.

"The phone calls, emails, written testimony and other contacts made by our members made a difference," Anstaett said.

Because the Kansas Legislature meets in two-year sessions, the bill will survive into the 2020 session since it wasn't voted down.

"As we know, this issue won't go away," he said, "because it is a priority for many of the governmental associations that represent our adversaries on the subject."