KPA joins national First Amendment effort

Posted August 21, 2019

The Kansas Press Association has joined with the Kansas Association of Broadcasters and other associations nationwide to promote the “Think F1rst” Campaign.

“Participation in this project is voluntary but highly recommended,” said Emily Bradbury. “We have a vested interest in having an educated readership and there is much work to be done in educating Americans about the First Amendment and the rights afforded under it.”

In a civics survey taken by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, nearly four in 10 students couldn’t name even one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.

“Clearly, we have work to do,” Bradbury said.

You can find the ads by clicking here.

“Feel free to use them in your publications and online,” she said. “Even consider pairing them with an editorial about why you are running the ads or any other educational stories that might take this campaign one step further.”

The campaign will run between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31, 2019.