News union launches highly successful

Posted July 12, 2021

By Angela Fu, Poynter

In the past decade, workers at news publications have launched more than 200 union drives, and over 90% of them have been successful.

Media outlets have called it a “wave.”

But it’s more than that, said University of Toronto associate professor Nicole Cohen. It’s a movement.

And that movement has reached all areas of journalism. Union leaders at newspapers, digital outlets and broadcast stations are seeing record levels of organizing that show little sign of stopping. In 2015 — which many point to as the start of this trend — workers launched 20 union drives. This year, workers may more than double that number.

Last year saw at least 37 union drives where journalists asked formally for union representation; all of them were successful. Workers this year have already organized at least 29 union drives in the first six months of 2021.

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